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What is a Legal Document Assistant or Freelance Paralegal?


LDAs and Freelance Paralegals, are not required to be associated in any way with an attorney—or an attorney’s fee structure—in order to provide document preparation assistance to the general public. Our PI and Legal Services are licensed and insured.


A legal document assistant or Freelance Paralegal is an experienced professional who will prepare legal documents for consumers at the direction of the client. LDAs or Paralegals are not attorneys and cannot provide legal advice or represent a client in court. Our legal service providers are licensed and bonded professionals who can enable individuals to represent themselves in their own legal matters by ensuring that their papers are properly prepared, filed, and served.

Monique C., Masters In CJ, BS, Criminal Justice/ Cybercrime and Security, Certified Paralegal, Certified Mediator~ Licensed Private Investigator

Monique C.

Paralegal~Mediator~ Licensed Private Investigator

Law can be intimidating. As a Paralegal and Private Investigator, Monique will work directly with you to make sure you get the services you need.