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Investigation Services

Gemini Private Investigations Uncovering Truth, & Safeguarding Assets


At Gemini Private Investigations, we specialize in precision, integrity, and relentless dedication to protecting your interests. 


Our confidential private investigations, diligent research, and background screening services are available to private individuals, attorneys, law firms, organizations, businesses, and corporations.


We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured, and all of our investigators have the proper training and experience to get the results you need. Our fees are highly competitive and designed to meet your budget. Please contact us today to get started. 



Investigation Areas 

We offer many Investigation solutions that is sure to solve the issues you may face in your personal or business life. Some of the services we offer are below, if you do not see the service you are looking for please give us a call.


The primary purpose of a civil investigation is to gather facts and evidence related to a civil dispute, such as a lawsuit or legal claim, in order to support one party's legal position and help resolve the matter in their favor.




Due diligence is a comprehensive and systematic investigation, research, and analysis process that individuals, organizations, or investors undertake before entering into a business transaction, investment, partnership, or other significant financial or legal agreement. The primary purpose of due diligence is to assess and evaluate all relevant aspects of the potential transaction or business opportunity to make informed decisions and mitigate risks.







The primary purpose of legal investigations is to gather evidence and information that can be used in legal proceedings. These proceedings may include criminal trials, civil lawsuits, administrative hearings, regulatory compliance matters, and more.



The primary goal of asset investigations is to determine the financial standing of a person or entity by identifying and assessing their assets, debts, income, and financial history.



Real estate investigations involve the process of researching, verifying, and gathering information related to properties and real estate transactions.






The primary purpose of a fraud investigation is to identify, gather evidence, and document fraudulent activities. These investigations aim to determine the extent of the fraud, identify the individuals or entities involved, and gather sufficient evidence to support legal action or disciplinary measures.




How can we help you?

By conducting various internal investigation activities our approach saves our clients time and money.

Types of Legal Investigations

Civil Investigations: In civil cases, investigations are conducted to support the claims or defenses of parties involved in legal disputes. This can include gathering evidence related to contract disputes, personal injury claims, divorce proceedings, and more.

Corporate Investigations: We conduct internal investigations to address issues such as fraud, embezzlement, employee misconduct, or regulatory compliance violations.

We can prepare your documents, file the documents, and even provide investigation services if needed. 

Give us a call, send an email, or start a chat with us today!

 Types of Fraud Investigations

Corporate Fraud: Investigations into fraudulent activities within organizations, including embezzlement, financial statement fraud, insider trading, and procurement fraud.

Consumer Fraud: Investigations related to scams and fraudulent schemes targeting consumers, such as identity theft, credit card fraud, and internet fraud.

Identity Theft Investigation:  Investigations that involve the unauthorized use of someone's personal information for fraudulent purposes, such as opening credit accounts or making purchases.

Financial Fraud Investigation: This category includes various financial crimes like investment fraud, securities fraud, Ponzi schemes, and mortgage fraud.

Consumer Fraud Investigation: Investigations that deal with fraudulent activities targeting consumers, including deceptive marketing practices, product misrepresentation, and scams.

Due Dilligence 

Financial Due Diligence

This involves a thorough examination of the financial records, statements, and performance of the target company or business. It aims to assess the financial health, profitability, and potential risks associated with the investment or transaction.

Legal Due Diligence

Legal due diligence focuses on reviewing all legal documents and contracts related to the business, including agreements, licenses, permits, intellectual property rights, litigation history, and compliance with applicable laws and regulations. The goal is to identify any potential legal issues or liabilities.

Intellectual Property Due Diligence

For businesses with significant intellectual property assets, this involves reviewing patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets to ensure they are properly protected and have clear ownership.

Physical Assets

Asset due diligence verifies the tangible assets possessed by the target. This involves confirming the existence, value, age, quality and ownership of a company's real estate, fixed assets and inventory.

Why Choose Gemini Private Investigations

  • Experience That Matters: With decades of experience, we bring a wealth of expertise to every case, ensuring a thorough and meticulous investigation.

  • Confidentiality Assured: Your privacy and the sensitive nature of our work are of utmost importance. Rest assured, all investigations are handled with the highest level of confidentiality.

  • Results-Driven: We are committed to delivering results that matter. Our track record speaks for itself.

  • Customized Solutions: Every case is unique, and we tailor our investigative approach to your specific needs and objectives.

  • Legal Compliance: We adhere to all relevant laws and regulations, ensuring that our investigations are conducted ethically and within the bounds of the law.

Contact us today to discuss your needs and discover how we can help you uncover truth and safeguard your assets.

Our Criminal & Civil Investigation Services

Our primary responsibilities involve gathering information, analyzing evidence, and compiling reports in civil proceedings such as lawsuits, corporate disputes, or private legal matters. 

Here are some specific tasks we might undertake:

  • Evidence Collection: We collect evidence through various means, such as interviewing witnesses, taking statements, gathering documents, and conducting surveillance.

  • Research: We will delve into public records, databases, and other sources to gather information relevant to the case.

  • Interviews and Interrogations: We will interview individuals involved in the case to gather information, statements, or testimony.

  • Analysis:  We will analyze gathered information and evidence to create a coherent and comprehensive report.